Review of A Miracle

If there's one book that really has changed my life, I pick this. Without a second thought.

For people that closest to me, they knew what really happened to me recently.

My mom gave me this book to occupy my lonely time. From the first page I slipped through, I cried. It is not because of the test that God gave me, but the words that the writer arranged for his reader are just pain in the ass. It gives you a sudden feeling that wakes you up from your deepest dream. Every word is described really well that I could not find even one flaw to argue his idea. The best part is when every ideology that he presented was supported by both Quran and Hadith.

We always whine "why me, why me" every time God gives us test. Especially when time is hard and life knocks us down. But we never realise that those tests are such a platform for His servants to become closer to Him. We also never realise that it is better when Lord gives us hard time rather than good time. Why?

As much as we look up for Lord during our hard times, are we still do the same during our good time? At least, myself, always forgot Lord when He gave me fortunes. It is such a bad bad bad thing to do *wipe tears* The biggest test for us is when He gives us tonnes of fortunes, and yet we drive ourselves away from Him.

After awhile reading this book, I gained my strength and slowly pick up my pieces. It is such a miracle that the writer has opened up my world to become closer to Allah (with the help of Allah ofcourse). And I wish to share this miracle with my readers too.

"Oleh itu, maka (tetapkanlah kepercayaanmu) bahawa sesungguhnya tiap-tiap kesukaran disertai kemudahan. Sesungguhnya tiap-tiap kesukaran disertai kemudahan. Kemudian apabila engkau telah selesai (daripada sesuatu amal soleh); maka bersungguh-sungguhlah engkau berusaha (mengerjakan amal soleh yang lain), dan kepada Tuhanmu sahaja hendaklah engkau memohon (apa yang engkau gemar dan ingini). Al-Insyirah 94: 5-8

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