I Cheated My Study Week With This Entry

It supposed to be last month entry, but I did not even managed to sit nicely in front of laptop to write all this thing. Now, I have to because it's been forever I did not wrote anything here. Screw final exams! Ohh for your info, I am in the midst of my final exam. 2 more papers to go. And Bye Bye year 1.

For my dad and sister's birthday, we celebrated it a bit late because we have to wait for my brother and sister-in-law come back to KL. We found a nice place at Shah Alam which called Sahara Tent Restaurant. They served Arabic cuisine. Foods are good, but for Asian tongue like me, this might not be your favourite place. You might resist to tickle your taste buds with thousands of spices.

Birthday boy and girl ♥

We've got a new family member; Sakinah

The foods

Hahahaaa! So cute. Macam nak kena lempang.

Hahaha! Muka masing masing tangkap lalat!


Okay now, get back to the serious matter. Books and final exam. Will update you soon people. Happy reading :)

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