Cuti-Cuti Malaysia

Yeah, I've been hiatus for like a year and I feel bad about it. So I decided to make a come back. (I assume like people care if I have been hiatus, but the real thing is, no one care. *insert evil laugh*)


After for so long, finally I got the chance to go for a family vacation. Even it was in Malaysia, I was contented. We've been to Sabah, but not all part of Sabah. To be specific, Labuan, Kota Kinabalu and around Kundasang. I was happy to meet my niece, which she is so fatty bum bum now.

Let's picture do the talking.

Proven. This fatty bum bum is the one making me having all this muscle paint.

Subhanallah. Beautiful sky.

Finish holiday at Labuan. Moving on to Kota Kinabalu.

In front of state mosque

Yayasan Sabah, which once upon a time, it used to be the tallest landmark at Kota Kinabalu.

Crazy people at Tanjung Riau. Beautiful yet crowded beach.

Fresh and huge lobsters and other seafood dishes can be found at Philippines Market.

Having great dinner at Restoran Nelayan. They have traditional dance show also. You won't get bored while waiting for your delicious food.

Did a little bit of shopping at Pasar Tamu, Kudat. If you wonder what is Pasar Tamu look like, it similar to Pasar Malam here.

Guess where are we? At the tip of Borneo. You can see on the Sabah map, I think it was at its ear. (Incase you don't understand what ear am I talking about, look into Sabah map and you would see a picture of dog's head. So we were at its ear. Mu pehe dok?)

Pusat Pembuatan Manik.

Long house

Pusat Pembuatan Gong.

Jambatan Tamparuli which the local people believed that it keeps thousand of history.

Now, moving on to New Zealand. What? So fast can reach to New Zealand? Okay, lame!

We were at Dairy Farm which keeps hundreds of imported cow, I believed from New Zealand. And it is freezing cold up there! Look how freezing I am in every picture.

Moving on to lower part in Kundasang, to War Memorial Park. This is the first memorial park that does not look like memorial at all, instead look like a beautiful park where people come to take beautiful pictures including newly brides. It surprises me on thousands of war prisoners and local people have been killed during the Japanese era in our country.

How Kundasang look like.

Last tourist spot we went was tea plantation. Sadly, we came during holiday so we cannot see how the tea is made in the factory.

After all, Sabah is a nice place in Malaysia to visit, although I missed the chance to go to Mata King and Sipadan island. I believe next time I will. Despite how terrible the road is around Sabah, with gravel road everywhere, I still love Sabah. Such a beautiful place to get away from the hassle of Kuala Lumpur city.

Till next post, take care ♥

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