Long Distance Relationship: Relevance or Not?

Do you know how it feels when you have to be separated with someone that you used to see everyday?

Frankly speaking, I never thought of having any long distance relationship with anyone. Just because i have trust issue with everyone. But in life, you always get what you do not expect because that is the sweetness in life. Long distance relationship is just hard for me in a few weeks after he flown away to another part of world.

Time zone is different. When he wakes up, I fall asleep. When I wake up, he gone to bed. Communication barrier. Hectic schedule. Everything. You feel you are not synchronize with your partner life. Until at one point, you are tired of waiting the person.

But I believe, great things always happen to the people who willing to wait, even for hundred years. So, I gain my strength, pick up myself back, wipe my tears, and fight against the distance. My friend said, which I take this as awakening call, if you do not want to be in this relationship, just get rid of it. If you want this, you have to be strong. Or else you will be drowning in your own tears.

So, to all couples out there who are afraid of long distance relationship, just take a second to think of this. Yes, you cannot meet that person everyday, you cannot hold that person, you cannot do anything together anymore. But you can feel them, you can hear them. Or even you can meet them virtually. Come on, we are in 21st century. Technology are beyond the boundaries. Use Skype, Tango, Whatsapp, etc. But after all, you can get to know how does it feel of missing someone so much. It is beautiful. Truly amazing that you shed your tears. Happy tears.

Big arguments? Yes. I have faced it for almost every week. But that is only for first few months of our long distance relationships. I believe, either you are living together or being separated away, arguments are still gonna exist. What most important that how you handle them. Don't talk about how much tears that I wasted because words can't describe them.

But, for these past 8 months, I see myself growing into a new person that I never imagined. Trusting someone is the most biggest changes that I made. The arguments that we had days and nights, they made me more tolerance person because ego does not bring your any further.

If you ask me, long distance relationship is relevant or not, I would definitely say yes, without a second thought. I have seen how my parents live for 4 years being apart, and I believe everyone can do if they really want to. Good luck to love birds, go against distance!

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