Europe Trip; Bristol (Day 1 & 2)

I never imagine in my wildest dream that I could breath the air in European countries. Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah, everything happened in my life is all with His power.

I was blessed that I was accompanied by my most beloved parents through out the whole journey. We booked the flight ticket to London-Heathrow Airport on March 2013, where the Matta Fair took place. The ticket fare was ridiculously cheap. We got the best deal for the ticket flight which is only for RM2800 per person using Malaysia Airlines. The next step is to plan the whole trip for 2 weeks journey.

For the first day, we arrived at London-Heathrow Airport and straight away drove to Bristol. Bristol is 2 hours away from London. Since I was doing a twinning program with University West of England in Bristol, I took this opportunity to have a visit at this university.

Once we arrived at Bristol, we check in to the hotel that I booked using Booking.com. Truly convenient, cheap and everything you need is just a click away. Only at one time I had to use Hostelworld.com because the hotel that I want is not available in Booking.com.

The hotel that I booked in Bristol is The Malago Guest House. For 2 nights and a room of 3 people, it only cost RM 700. Although the room is quite small, but basic needs for travelers like us are all provided. Not to forget the friendly receptionists behind the counter. This hotel is located at the quite far from the city center, but there are bus station nearby the hotel and you can take bus 75 and 76 to get to city center. What I like about European countries is their public transportation. Punctual and frequent are the key words to describe them.

Since we arrived at Bristol quite late, we just had to take a short tour around the city center. Thanks to summer because the day was longer than usual. You can get a sunset only at 9.30 pm.

 Bristol Cathedral

 Monument in front of Bristol National Library

 Bristol Harbourside

On the second day, we went to University West of England. It is a huge university that I could get lost if I did not bring my 'tourist guide' along. It is a green campus with a nice old architecture building at certain faculty.
 The campus

 Student village / Student hostel

 The landmark

 Surrounding area at the library

Next stop is Bristol Clifton Suspension Bridge. The highest bridge I ever been. Next to the bridge is a castle. Visitors can climb up to look inside the tower, but we just do not want to because it is freaking cold up there.

From the suspension bridge, we walked to the Brandon Hill where the Cabot Tower is located. The best thing about this place is visitors get to see the whole city of Bristol. And sunbathing as well. Although the stairs in the tower are steep and small, but the view you get at the top was a worthwhile.

 The Brandon Hill

 The Cabot Tower

 The view from the top

Bristol is a nice and peaceful city and it has a lot of things to discover, but sadly, we did not have enough time to visit all attractions in Bristol. I start to miss this place. Next stop will be Italy. Till next entry, bye x

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