Storyboard: First Semester at Taylor's

Last paper for final semester exam was sooooooooooooo -_-'' Hope so, dapat Distinction for accounting. Tak High Distinction pun takpe. Kata kata orang putus asa.

Move on.

Tadi, aku ke Sunway Piramid, menggembirakan hati. Budak budak Taylor’s ajak pergi tengok Transformer. I was like, WHAATT? Transformer? And you were inviting me? I love you! Sebab aku nak sangat tengok, but just busy lately and tak best kan tengok sorang dua je? So, ramailah tadi pergi join tengok movie. And Nade, aku harap kaw baca neh. Kaw ingat kaw je yang boleh tengok Transformer tanpa aku. Your best girlfriend neh pun boleh. Heheee.

For the movie, I would say, not bad. There is one part when Megan was driving her silver sporty car. Syit! So styloo babe. Okayy, that’s it.

So, basically, my first semester is finally over. Aku hanya berharap agar takde paper yang aku failed. Obviously, aku kena repeat subject kalau failed. And I don’t want to waste my RM 300 just to retake my failed subject, especially Malaysian Studies! OHHH NOOOO! A big NO for that.

Okayy, these are my activities for my first semester. Presentations, study trip and new friends. And also, new crush. BAHAHAHAA.
Parliament Trip was good. Love it!

Accounting presentation was such a good discovery for me
to know more about the real business world.
And this English presentation was a good path
to introduce new and fresh business idea.

Not to forget, the best presentation mark that I ever get.
And you won't believe, it was my Malaysian Studies presentation.
The subject that I always fell asleep since it was too boring.
And lastly, my driver for the semester.
Do we look like a friend?
Sebab tadi budak budak kolej cakap kiteorang macam member.
Okayy, whatever it is,
she is my sister. Okayy?

Looking forward to meet second semester :) without repeating any subjects.

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mimie berkata...

heyyy so envy of you. dah hbes sem satu!!! ughhhh XD

eik`S noName berkata...

sem demi sem...

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